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Dear Colleagues:

  MS. XXX requested a letter of reference from me to support her application for graduate studies at your university. As her research adviser when she was a graduate student in my school of science Beijing University of Chemical Technology, I am pleased to comply with her request.

  I have known Ms. Zhang since 20xx, when she was admitted as a Master of Science candidate into the school. As her research adviser, I directed her research and found her a promising youth radiating with intelligence and creativity.

  During her first year, she got a very good record in major courses and earned good scores major and general GPA 3.3. She particularly enjoyed challenging areas of studies such as Quantum Chemistry and Theory of Electrochemistry.

  During the following two years, Ms. Zhang worked on a computational theory study of inorganic functional materials project for his degree thesis “Theoretical Study of Electronic Structures of Several Representative Metal Element in the Hydrotalcite Slabs”.

  To make the theory model meet the actual materials, she faced down many practical problems, such as building reasonable module of inorganic materials, and calculation techniques. Working hard and independently, she cracked the problems one by one, and came up with a thesis that was characterized by academic excellence.

  During her M.S. period, she had three papers published in international journals.

  Judging by her outstanding performance while she studied with me, I am convinced that Ms. Zhang has acquired the knowledge and intellectual sophistication on the basis of which she can undertake world-class training.

  I therefore lend her my enthusiastic support and would appreciate your favorable consideration of her application. From: x x x x


Dear Professor:

  I understand that XXX is applying for admission to your Postgraduate Master’s Program, and has requested that I write this letter of recommendation for her.

  I have known XXX as a resourceful and goal-oriented individual ever since she attended my Instrumental Analysis course(score:84) in her fourth academic semester.

  She often raised thought-provoking questions during the course lectures. Thus,it is natural that I like discussing with this young girl and enjoy becoming more familiar with her and her aspirations.

  In her sixth academic semester, she took my course of Electrochemical Analysis(score:89).The more I get to know her, the more I find she is talented at chemistry.

  With her outstanding talent and solid background in chemistry, she also did quite well in most of her other courses during her undergraduate study.

  I feel strongly that XXX’s unusual talents and abilities will stand her in good stead for a quality chemistry education, and your university will provide the best opportunities for her.

  While at XXX University, XXX had excellent performances in all subjects of her studies and demonstrated great potential, but she is more than a knowledgable bookworm;she is an outstanding leader.

  She is not only the President of the Student Union in the College of Chemistry, but also the Minister of Commonweal Department of Students’ Association Union of XXX University. She is adept in speech and debate, which give her great capabilities for expression, abstract reasoning, and cooperation. She also took part in and organised many extracurricular activities, such as “Dream Fly” Party of College of Chemistry and Chemical Knowledge Contest of XXX University.

  We at XXX University see an optimistic, highly independent, and easy-going character in XXX, with highly unusual determination.

  She is not to be defeated by any difficulties. She believes that , with hard work, she can achieve anything she wants. I think her confidence in herself is well grounded in her track record.

  Judging by what I know of her, I think XXX is fully qualified to pursue a Master’s degree in your program. Therefore,I recommend her with much enthusiasm and I shall greatly appreciate your favorably consideration for her application for admission.


Dear Sir or x x x:

  I take great pleasure in recommending Ren Ren, one of my favorite students, for admission into your distinguished graduate program.

  Mr. Ren was admitted in 1986 at 14 years of age into the SPECIAL CLASS for the GIFTED YOUTHS, my university's unique program that caters to the intellectual needs of unusually talented Chinese youngsters. It was a rare privilege he earned with his nearly impeccable academic performance through the years of his elementary and secondary school.

  He impressed me almost as he entered into my university, a major cradle of China's scientific and technological talents. At the time, members of the Gifted Class all had to spend half a month studying by themselves the principles of calculus and then take an exam so that we could evaluate their self-study capability.

  Mr. Ren scored the highest grade in that exam. He also exhibited a keenly whetted mind during class discussions. To my regret at the time, his English was not as good as his mathematics or physics.

  But I noticed he made a point of working especially hard in improving his English during his five undergraduate years with us. By now, he seems to be at least as proficient in English as most of his former classmates in the Gifted Class.

  In my experience with Mr. Ren, I was impressed with not only his extraordinary intelligence but also his ambitions and persistence. I am sure that Mr. Ren will be an outstanding student in any doctoral program that he may care to enroll in.

  So I would like to support him firmly in his quest recommendation into account when considering his application. I would greatly appreciate it you decide to accept him as he wishes. Yours sincerely x x x x

  Professor and Deputy Head


























  推荐信要突出个人亮点。 在推荐信中,并不是把这个人的优点写得面面俱到就是好推荐信,因为这样并没有突出申请者与众不同的亮点。同时,在国外的院校里,他们每天要收到很多封推荐信,有亮点的信自然会吸引人的注意。一封推荐信中有一个主要的闪光点并有具体例子佐证你的优点即可,这样会给招生人员留下较为深刻的印象。许许多多的推荐信都犯着一个相似的错误,那就是几乎满篇都是溢美之词,但却不举一件事例来证明。