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  1. 谈判前应尽可能掌握对方的基本情况、经营策略。正所谓知己知彼才能百战不殆。

  掌握的情况应包括export terms(出口情况),unit price(单价),terms of payment (付款方式),credit reference(资信证明),market acceptance(市场销量),price of the sameproduct(同类商品的价格)等等。此外还应使用礼貌、正式的语言和措词,树立专业形象。努力创造和谐的交流气氛,善于倾听、分析和判断,要知道如何适当地反击对方。

  C: I'd like to get the ball rolling by talking about the price.

  M: I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  C: Your products are great in every way. But I am a little worried about the price you are asking.

  M: You think we will be asking for more?

  这里get the ball rolling相当于start the negotiation,这几句话实际上就营造了谈判的气氛,接下来的谈判必然是围绕价格进行的了。

  2. 要灵活使用讨价还价的技巧,不要接受首次报价或者还价,要意识到大多数公司的产品和服务中包含高额利润。应分清主次,进退有度,以大局为重,不要因计较微小的得失而失去大买卖;谈判陷入僵局时,可以暂时搁置重要议题,先就较小议题达成协议来推动谈判的继续进行。

  C: That's not exactly what I had in mind. I'd like 25% discount.

  M: That seems to be a little high. I don't know how we can make profits with those numbers.

  C: Well, if we promise future business-volume sales, that will lower the costs for making products, right ?

  M: Yes, but it's hard to see how you can order such large orders. We'd like a guarantee of future business not just a promise.

  C: We said we wanted 2000 pieces over 6 months period with guarantee.

  M: I'd like that to be on paper, which will be a good reason for further discussion.

  promise future business实际上就是个favorable term(有利的条件),通过提出这个条件客户成功地劝说了制造商降价。但是制造商也不是那么好骗的,他要求客户承诺固定的大量的订单,同时还要求paper guarantee(书面保证),毕竟口头承诺是随意的,有风险的。

  3. 把握好坚持和让步的火候,明确自己的交易原则和底线价格,但必要时可以进行适当的concession(让步),让对方有一定的成就感,顺利签下合同。

  C: What exactly do you propose ?

  M: I propose a reduction of 4%.

  C: Let's both make a further concession-6%.

  M: But I'm afraid 5% is our rock bottom price.

  C: Good. Then 5% it is.

  4. 在制造商提出他的rock bottom price(底价)后,谈判的另一方再次做出了让步,从而conclude a deal(达成了协议)。

  M: Here are our price lists. The quotations are all in US dollars net FOB. I'm sure you will find we have the most competitive prices.

  C: But I find that these prices are higher than the ones you quoted a few months ago.

  M: That's true. But I'm sure you realize that the costs of raw material have gone up considerably nowadays. Compared with the prices offered by other firms, ours are still favorable.

  5. 商谈价格时也应注意几种不同的terms of payment(付款方式),包括信用证(Letter of Credit,简称L/C);汇付,主要包括电汇(Telegraphic Transfer,简称T/T)、信汇(Mail Transfer,简称M/T)和票汇(Demand Draft,简称D/D)三种;托收(Collection),主要包括付款交单(Documents against Payment,简称D/P)和承兑交单(Documents against Acceptance,简称D/A)两种。

  6. 最后,如果双方的谈判没有达成共识,也不应该表现出急躁或不满;要礼貌地向对方表示感谢;向对方重申自己的立场,微笑着离开。


  在party(晚会,社交性宴会),at-home party(家庭宴会),tea party(茶会),fancy ball(化装舞会)这些娱乐性较强的会议上,大家一般可以随心所欲地enjoy oneself,不用太过拘泥于礼节和规矩。国外甚至还非常流行pajama party(睡衣派对),在派对上大家会玩一些轻松的小游戏,穿上符合主题的睡衣。

  而一些公司的general meeting, general assembly(会员大会),symposium,seminar可能是最让人头疼的了,会议似乎就是个充斥着各种空话的场合。但是会议上所用到的词汇也最固定,最有规律可循。掌握了一些核心的词汇,其实谁都可以去联合国大会上作keynote speech(主题演讲)。


  I call this meeting to order. Thank you all in attendance today. I know it's a busy day for you all. We have a lot of material to cover today. Did everyone get an agenda? Also, may I suggest something? I know we have many points to review today, but would it be possibleto limit our meeting time to finish before 4:00? Many of us still have a mountain of work to do before the day's end. We should be able to finish everything up before then.

  宣布开会即Call this meeting to order,也可以说declare the meeting open,不过这一般用在比较正式的会议上,如果只是公司内部开的小会就没必要这么"装腔作势"了。也可以采用半正式的说法Perhaps we'd better get started/down to business或All right, I think it's about time we get started/going. 较口语的说法有Let's begin/get going或Shall we start?

  I know it's a busy day for you all.开会对大多数人来说都是件不情愿的事,所以还是说几句话安抚一下民心吧,Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.(感谢你们拨冗而来。)更是提升了这句话的档次。

  如果有其他重要来宾的到来,也应该在开场时表示欢迎。It is my great pleasure to welcome.../ I want to thank...for being here. 开场的`客套话结束,开始言归正传,陈述会议重点。首先可以说一句概括的话引起大家的注意,如let's run through the major points first(让我们先浏览一下要点),our conference is mainly dealing with...Our focus is on...(会议的重点是……)

  The first matter of business is to approve the minutes of our last meeting. I propose we accept the minutes. Now, next on our agendais our budget review. Margaret, can you please fill us in on where the budget review stands?

  可以用the first matter, next on our agenda, next we are going to discuss这些承接词来使整个会议有序的召开。为避免会议变成一个人的独角戏,可以邀请员工发表意见,甚至express one's views fully and freely(畅所欲言)来实现exchange of idea and information,让会议变得不那么枯燥。这里fill somebody in是告知某人某事的意思。

  Any objections? No? If there is no objections, then our modifications to the agenda have been approved unanimously. We will proceed according to the amendments we've just made.

  多问"Any objections, do all people agree?"这些问题也使得会议更加民主。approved unanimously是全体一致同意的意思,proceed表示continue discussing。

  最后到了总结会议内容的时候了,会议的主持人可以再次感谢大家的到场,说明会议fulfill the great part of the agenda(完成了议程的大部分),取得了一些achievements和fruitful results。如果是动员大会,最后一定还要再boost the employee's morale(振奋员工士气),号召大家make joint efforts to achieve further progress(携手努力再创辉煌)。



  一般日常接听电话时我们通常会说This is ...(人名)speaking,对方可能会说:Is this ...(电话号码或人名?)有时如果一时没有听出对方的声音,可以问:Who is this? I don't recognize your voice.(谁呀?我听不出你的声音来。)

  如果对方找的不是自己,可以说:Hold onplease.(请稍等。)然后转告对方要通电话的人:You're wanted on the telephone.(有电话找你。),那人如果不在则可以主动提议为对方留言:Would you like to leave a message?(你愿意留个话吗?)对方可能会提出如:Would you mind telling him to call back sometime tomorrow?(明天什么时候请你叫他回我一个电话,好吗?)Would you please tell ...(人名) I called?(请你告诉……说我给他打过电话,好吗?)

  打错电话似乎是件很尴尬的事,但是也很常见,如果对方打错了电话,你可以说:You must have dialed the wrong number.(你一定是拔错号了。)如果是你拨错了号,则要为打扰对方而道歉:Sorry, I dialed a wrong number.


  A: Hello, thank you for calling ...(公司名). This is ...(人名)speaking, how may I help you?

  B: Hello, I would like to speak to your director of human resources please.

  A: Just a moment. I'll check to see if she is available. May I tell her who is calling?

  B: This is ...(人名)from ...(公司名), I'm calling in regard to our meeting next Tuesday.

  A: Thank you, can you please hold for a moment?

  B: No problem.

  A: I'm sorry, Ms...(人名)is away from her desk. She has already left for lunch. Would you like to leave a message for her?

  B: Yes, please have her return my call when she returns to the office. It's best if she can get in touch with me before 3pm. today. Shecan reach me at my office number, ...(电话号码)

  A: I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, could you please repeat the number?

  B: Sure the number is ...,tell her to ask for extension 31.

  A: All right, I will make sure she receives your message and returns your call before 3pm this afternoon.

  B: Thank you very much.

  首先职员应自报家门,说明公司名和自己的名字,并客气地问:How may I help you?在对方说明来意,要找director of human resources(人力资源部主管)后,应首先查实主管在不在,忙不忙,可以说:Just a moment. I'll check to see if she is available/at her desk.(请稍等一下,我去看看她忙不忙/在不在。)电话的另一方也应自报家门,说明这通电话的来意--calling in regards to our meeting next Tuesday(咨询有关下周二会议的事)。

  发现主管away from her desk,职员主动提出take a message,对方提出要求,希望have her return my call when she returns to the office,也就是ask her to return my call when she returns to the office(在她回办公室后请她回我电话),并说出自己的office number.

  为确保message的准确性,职员可以要求对方重复号码和个人信息:I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, could you please repeat the number?(对不起,我没有听清,可以重复一下号码吗?)或just to confirm...再重复一遍电话号码。对方提出tell her to ask for extension 31,extension即接分机号。

  如果使用电话预约酒店或其他的服务,可以直接说:I'm calling from New York. I'd like to book a room in your hotel. Receptionist(接待员)会紧接着问:What kind of room would you like, sir? 并问对方的full name, arrival and departure date(入住和登出的日期)。

  由于预订酒店通常都必须在固定的时间段前到达酒店,receptionist会问:What time will you be arriving,并说明You'll be expected to be here then.



  1. 客户下订单的信函

  May 8,2004

  Shanghai Sunlight Fiber Product Co.,Ltd.20 Huaihai Road

  Shanghai, China

  Dear Mr. Shao,

  We thank you very much for your letter of May 6, 2004, and your kind interest in our import business of textile products. Your textile products are so attractive in its price and quality that we have a keen interest in doing business with you in this line.

  We have been closely connected with reliable wholesalers here.Accordingly, we are very con? dent of placing a large order with you if you accept the following terms and conditions:

  Terms of Payment: By con? rmed irrevocable leter of creditTerm of Shipment: During October-November

  Reference : Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Japan

  We look forward to your favorable reply.

  Yours faithfully,Paci? c Standard Trade Co.,Ltd.

  Ma lilianGeneral Manager

  首先要注意商务信函的格式,现在使用的格式主要有传统的缩头式(the conventional indented form) 和现代的齐头式(the modern blocked form) 。 缩头式要在信文每一段缩进五或六个字母的空间,有时可能会缩进更多。现在,齐头式在商务英语书信中使用得非常普遍。 上面这封信函就是用齐头式的格式写的。开头自上至下依次为日期,对方公司的名称、地址。

  这封信函首先对对方来函表示感谢thank you for your letter of...,此外对于某月某日来函的询价,深表谢意可说thank you very much for your inquiry of...We are very much obliged by your inquiry dated...We are indebted to your inquiry under date (of)...

  接着切入主题,表明了和对方公司建立贸易关系的意愿:We have a keen interest in doing business with you in this line.也可以说:We are willing to establish trade relations with your company(我们愿与贵公司建立商务关系),Please allow us to express our hope of opening an account with you(我们希望与您建立业务往来)。

  再接着提出了place a large order(大量订货)的一些前提条件,terms of payment(付款条件),term of Shipment(装运条件),reference(介绍人)。

  商务往来中terms of payment主要包括remittance(汇付),collection(托收)和letter of credit(信用证)。这里confirmed irrevocable letter of credit是保兑的不可撤销信用证,其他的信用证还有Documentary Credit(跟单信用证),Clean Credit(光票信用证),Revocable L/C (可撤销信用证),Unconfirmed L/C (不保兑信用证),Sight L/C (即期信用证),Usance L/C (远期信用证)。

  最后结语为:We look forward to your favorable reply(静候佳音).

  结尾的格式就像平常写的信件一样,yours sincerely或yoursfaithfully.不过注意下面应该先写公司的名字,再写写信人的名字,不然会给人喧宾夺主的感觉。

  2. 通知信函

  May 8,2004

  Shanghai Sunlight Fibire Product Co.,Ltd.20 Huaihai Road


  Dear Mr.Shao,

  We have received with thanks your letter of May 6,2004. We, however, regret to inform you that we are unable to establish business relations with you because we have already been appointed as an agent by a Washington Trade Corporation for the sale of their products.

  Under the circumstances, we will not be able to transact with you at least until the agency contract expires. Of course, we filed your letter and the catalogue for our future reference. We may contact you as soon as we are free from the agency contract.

  We thank you again and hope you understand our situation fully.

  Yours faithfully,

  Ma Lilian

  General Manager,Paci? c Standard Trade Co.,Ltd.

  这封信函主要的来意是regret to inform you that(很遗憾地通知您),有关道歉我们也可以说:We are deeply sorry for...(我们为……感到很抱歉。)We hope it didn't trouble you too much.(我们希望这并没有给您带来太大的麻烦。)

  be in a position to do something 指有权,有办法做某事,be appointed as an agent by...意为被指定为销售其产品的代理商,合同到期可以说agency contract expires或contract finishes,不过前一种说法更正式。后文的free from the agency contract意即解除合同。

  catalogue为产品目录,通常在第一次通信时由买方随信附寄,其他随信附寄的材料还有price list(价目表),sample(样品),details of terms(详细资料),purchase contract(购货合同),confirmation order(订单确认书)等等。